Dorktown: Scott Schebler’s 2017 was one of the strangest in MLB history

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In 2017, whenever Reds right fielder Scott Schebler played on the road, he was constantly crushing doubles, doing so on 8.79% of his 273 road plate appearances. In other words, 24 of ’em. Away from Cincinnati, he was a bona fide doubles machine.


Schebler did not fare quite as well within his home confines of the Great American Ball Park. There he doubled on 0.39% of his 258 home plate appearances … in other words, once:

To repeat, 2017 Scott Schebler doubled twenty-four (24) times on the road and one (1) time at home. 8.79% vs. 0.39%. Ah, where to begin.

Of the 216 MLB players with at least 400 total plate appearances in 2017, Jose Ramirez had the highest overall doubles rate, smashing one 8.68% of the time. No one else even topped eight percent...

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Manny Margot holy **** what?!

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Manny Margot holy **** what?!

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports The ALCS has gifted us an absolutely mind-blowing catch A list of the enemies Manny Margot has recently overcome: Gravity The sun Petco Park’s inconsiderate architects The Houston Astros Obviously, the most dangerous of these enemies — is gravity. Sure, the sun is powerful, but it’s only powerful because of gravity…

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports activities

The ALCS has gifted us a fully mind-blowing catch A listing of the enemies Manny Margot has lately overcome:

The solar
Petco Park’s thoughtless architects
The Houston Astros

Clearly, essentially the most harmful of those enemies — is gravity...

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This legendary World Series walkoff home run demands a deep rewind

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The end of the 1993 World Series is one of those iconic sports moments you’ve probably seen in passing, but might not understand in-depth. This episode of Rewinder digs into how much was at stake, who was involved, and what a topsy-turvy battle Game 6 between the Blue Jays and Phillies really was.

Obviously, this is a Joe Carter story, and we’ll get to know Carter a bit. But we also need to meet the fascinating Philadelphia pitcher, Mitch Williams, who entered this moment searching for some much-needed redemption. And while this interaction is a one-on-one match between pitcher and batter, it helps to understand just how deep both of these lineups were … and also how things could have gone differently in a game dictated by so many little choices, little errors, and little victories.


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The Brazilian Head-Parrot, and other Sports Birds

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Hello. Here’s a blue-and-yellow macaw interrupting a women’s soccer game in Brazil:

As my friend James Dator points out, it’s rather charming that the bird-removal operation involved briefly coaxing the macaw onto a faux-head. I’m a little sad they didn’t have to put much effort into disguising a soccer ball as a head, but hey, Brazilian Head-Parrots are apparently not very picky, and that’s OK.

Anyway, the Head-Parrot gives us a chance to discuss and rank Sports Birds, which are one of the most important subsets of the Sports Animal pantheon. Let’s first set some ground rules:

  • Sports Birds must be an invasive, unwelcome presence. Raptors trained for falconry are indeed sports birds, but they for our purposes cannot be considered Sports Birds.
  • I’m not going to include every ...
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How two key Erik Spoelstra adjustments helped Heat capture Game 2 win over Celtics

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The Celtics controlled the first half of Thursday night’s Game 2 against the Heat and held a 13-point lead heading into the locker room.

And then the third quarter happened. Miami steamrolled Boston with a 37-17 run over those 12 minutes, flipping that deficit into a seven-point advantage. Despite a late Celtics surge, the Heat managed to hold on for a 106-101 win, giving Miami a 2-0 lead in the Eastern Conference finals.

MORE: Updated schedules for Eastern, Western Conference finals

“We pulled apart, and we didn’t play well,” Celtics coach Brad Stevens said after the loss.

While the Celtics certainly struggled throughout second half with unforced errors — they had more turnovers (12) than field goals (11) — the Heat’s strategy had a lot to do with the collapse.

So how did the He...

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Josh Donaldson got ejected during his home run trot for being petty toward an umpire

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We call that was clearly outside of the zone. Donaldson expressed his displeasure, then settled back in against Chicago White Sox pitcher Reynaldo López.

On the very next pitch, Donaldson blasted a home run, and then kicked dirt over home plate while arguing with the umpire. He was promptly ejected for that.

Can you remember a player ever getting ejected while hitting a home run?

Kicking dirt on home plate when he crossed it wasn’t enough. He had to go back to kick more dirt and tell the ump to [get lost]. Just wonderful in every way.

Let’s be clear about a few things.

  • Was Donaldson right that the umpire made an awful call on the previous pitch? Yes.
  • Is this absolutely hilarious? Yes.
  • Could his pettiness hurt his team as they play the White Sox for the lead in the AL Central? ...
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Innocent teddy bear suffers horrific head injury at MLB

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A teddy bear attending its first Major League Baseball game suffered a serious injury on Thursday night when a foul ball flew into the stands, striking the bear in the head and leaving it unresponsive.

“Mr. Cuddles” was watching the Athletics play host to the Diamondbacks when the incident occurred. The home run, hit deep ingot the bleachers in the top of the 8th inning struck Mr. Cuddles, and immediate checks by stadium staff showed the bear would not answer their questions during a welfare check.

It’s unclear where Mr. Cuddles was taken for treatment following the event, but spectators around the bear were understandably shaken up. “I saw the ball fly over my head,” said Bobo, a bear sitting a couple of rows in front of Mr...

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Astros and Athletics brawl after Ramón Laureano hit with pitch

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The Houston Astros and Oakland Athletics got into a benches-clearing brawl in the bottom of the seventh inning on Sunday after outfielder Ramón Laureano was hit by a pitch for the second time in the game.

As Oakland was on its way to way to a three-game sweep over Houston, Astros pitcher Humberto Castellanos plunked Laureano with a breaking ball. The two exchanged words during a long walk to first base until Laureano charged at the Houston dugout after being provoked by Astros hitting coach Alex Cintrón. That led to both benches clearing in an ugly scene that is sure to draw suspensions from MLB.

You can watch the entire video here:

Oakland was talking a ton of trash to Houston on their way to the sweep...

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Reds and Tigers show seven-inning MLB doubleheader

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In terms of drama, the doubleheader Sunday between the Reds and Tigers was closer to a couple of episodes of “The Sopranos” than a back-to-back marathon of “The Godfather” and “The Godfather, Part II.”

On “The Sopranos,” there always was the sense that the end of the program was coming soon, so stuff was going to happen quickly.

It was like that in the two games the Tigers and Reds played, the first-ever MLB doubleheader in which the two games were scheduled for seven innings.

Reds centerfielder Nick Senzel told Sporting News “for sure” there was more urgency to the two games of the doubleheader, which Cincinnati swept.

“Those seven innings, everyone’s really locked in to every single pitch,” he said. “Because you erase two innings, so much is going on...

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Make Donald Trump the Yankees starting pitcher

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On Monday, Donald Trump, president of these United States, told reporters attending a briefing that he had been invited to throw out the first pitch for the Yankees in their series against the Nationals on August 15.

It would have been a momentous occasion. A chance to see the strength of our leadership on full display for the world. A stable genius on the mound, undoubtedly throwing a 100 mph fastball right down the middle of the strike zone. A pitch so incredible that the greatest hitters of our generation would say “that is the most incredible pitch I’ve ever seen in baseball history,” and “there is no way in hell any professional athlete could ever make contact with that thing.”

Of course, liberal bias and fake news is trying to ruin what would have been an inspirational mom...

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